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Fair & Simple Pricing

With the Fair & Simple Pricing Program, customers will receive the same account level discount or “Medallion” discount for all three brands. Now, customers can simply look up the price of an item based on their Medallion status. In addition, when customers log onto the wholesale website, their Medallion status will be clearly stated and automatically used in transactions going forward. Medallion discounts are determined by annual sales.

ASG’s new program benefits also include order level discounts where customers will receive an additional 5% off any order over $3,000. This stackable discount allows customers to receive this discount on top of their Medallion discount.

Furthermore, handling fees have been eliminated to reduce costs and simplify business.


Q. How do I find out the price of an item for my business?
You will receive a call or mailing from us notifying you of your “medallion” discount status. This is your account level discount and applies to all of our brands. You simply look up your price on the price list based on your medallion status. In addition, when you log onto the B2B website, your medallion status will also be clearly stated and automatically used in transactions going forward.
Q. Do I get the same discount for any brand?
Yes. We are standardizing discount levels across all three brands (Augusta, Holloway, and High Five) so that you’ll get the same discount on all three brands.
Q. How was my discount determined since I have multiple account numbers with you?
We’ve linked all of your accounts together and used your total purchases from 2016 as the basis for your 2017 discount level. We will apply this same discount to each of your accounts.
Q. Do all styles get the same account level discount?
Yes, except basic wicking tees under the Augusta brand. These items will have a steeper discount percentage due to the highly competitive nature of that category.
Q. Are quantity discounts still available?
Yes. You can receive an additional 5% on any order over $3,000! This is a stackable discount, meaning it is in addition to any customer level discount.
Q. Are we continuing with the High Five package discounts?
Yes. The High Five package program discounts remain intact. However, these programs effectively replace the 5% order level discount. Thus, for High Five package orders, you will automatically receive the better of package program pricing or the 5% account level discount if over $3,000.
Q. What about the charges for larger sizes?
Another great benefit with this new program. We have standardized the price of larger sizes. Now, you only pay $1.00 for 2X; $3.00 for 3X; $4.50 for 4X; $6.00 for 5X; and $7.50 for 6X. This excludes wool products, which maintain our current charges.
Q. What about wool products?
Wool discounts for Holloway remain unchanged. Therefore, wool products are not eligible for either medallion discounts or the 5% order discount.
Q. Are there other items like wool that are excluded?
Yes, discontinued items, decoration charges, and samples are also excluded from the medallion discount and the 5% order discount.