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The shoe brands iconic imaging and catch phrases are impressive, yet these memorable advertising campaigns are not free. While they make their respective brands “cool,” this is ultimately passed on to the consumer through higher prices. For over 60 years, Holloway has offered premium apparel to groups, teams, and fans at a better value. And while we recognize the end user may not know us or ask for us by name, ask any coach and you will soon realize the Holloway brand has an extraordinary reputation for performance and quality that sets us apart.

Just like any great company, Holloway has a staple product that has defined the brand throughout the years, the Varsity Jacket. The Holloway Varsity Jacket was cutting-edge in 1946 when it was pioneered by Holloway and is still considered the industry standard for premium quality. Holloway’s reputation for cutting-edge design and technology takes shape now as it did then. While evolution and growth of the Holloway brand has expanded our offering to outerwear, warm-ups, performance tops, uniforms and hoodies, the initial themes of quality and performance remain in all of our products.

Accessible, resourceful, informative, vibrant. Collectively, these words define the people, products and culture that have been built at Holloway. With our commitment to provide the best products and service in the industry, know that we are here for you to provide:

Holloway, more for you.

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